Meeting Minutes October 2023

Minutes for Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Normal Heights Community Center

4649 Hawley Avenue

Via Zoom at

Via telephone: 1 689-278-1000 Meeting ID: 626 390 4190


X = in attendance

XPaul Coogan © Emily ColwellXScott Kessler (AABA)
XAllan Harjala (VC) Taylor Everich Emilie Kaman
XBrian Schrader (S)XGreg StoneXJim Baross
XFrances Prichett (T)XNancy LawlerXDan Soderberg

7 attendees in audience

3 attendees on zoom

Non-Agenda Public Comment 

6. Non-Agenda Public Comment regarding NH land use & related NH community issues (2min pp). 

How to use more of the pamphlets we have.
7. Digital Communications Monitoring from, Nextdoor, Facebook, Email, etc. 

Action/Decision Items (Board member roll call may be performed for recording votes) 8. Review materials for re-certification by the city – Paul Coogan 

Paul gives a report on what the City Council requires from all CPGs to remain extant as well as any procedure required to mediate between if another group wants to claim CPG status for a given area. 

Google Doc of Slides 

Submissions of CPG documents are due by Dec 31, 2023 but Paul is committing to submitting the forms by mid-November but with a goal of mid-October. 

9. Consolidated Plan by City for Federal Funding – Paul Coogan Link to the Consolidated Plan (incl. Community Survey) Reports/Updates

10. City, County, and State government agency representatives, if present. 

  • –  Parks & Rec Update: No Update on development of Ward Canyon Park. 
  • –  District 9 Update: 

o Budget Survey Opportunity
§ Priorities: Weed Abatement & Fire Prevention § Tree Planting & Urban Greenery
§ Various Pedestrian Enhancements
§ Street Resurfacing: Mansfield & Hawley
§ Alleyway Repaving
§ Encampment Resolution on I-15 

  • –  Rep. Sarah Jacobs Office
    o Rep voted against Shutdown
    o Rep voted to vacate the Speaker 

o High School Age Programs 

o Hiring Community Representatives – AABA: Community Group Update 

o Street Fair was successful. Thanks to the Mayor’s office for getting streetlights fixed. Lots of city staff help for the fair. 

o 35th & Adams Park is cleared of encampments.
o Revenue recovered from pre-pandemic levels.
o Sunday night stabbing after the carnival ended in the night. Gang related. 

  • –  El Cajon Boulevard Association
    o Planning a ceremony for the 30th anniversary of the bridge lights o They would like a liaison for the NH area 
  • –  NH Community Association & Urban Arts
    o Lights decoration contest (voting in late Nov – Dec 16th) o Bike ride through NH (Dec 10th)
    o Potluck (Dec 12th)
    o Mixer (Oct 18th)
    o Butterfly Mural has two wings completed 

§ Installation in approx. Jan/Feb 

  • –  Adams Ave Community Advisory Group 

o Halloween Party (Oct 30th) 

  • –  Normal Heights for Smart Growth 

o Paul shares some of the results of the Smart Growth resident survey. 

11. Chair report 

– Community Planners Committee

  • –  HAP 2.0 and Letter against off-site affordable units 
  • –  Land Development Code Update 
  • –  Board Training Update (covered above) 

12. Community Group updates when present 

– – – 

  • –  Utility Undergrounding & Streetlight MAD: Francis Pritchett: “Some movement. Not 

clear how much. Things are starting to grind forward.” A vote is expected soon. Focus

appears to be on the north-east corner of Normal Heights. 

  • –  Cal-Trans Grant Submission: Waiting to hear from Cal-Trans. 
  • –  DEI Program: Integrated throughout the meeting. 
  • –  Tree Replacements: No update. 
  • –  Traffic Issue Task Force: No update. 
  • –  Community Engagement Poll: Covered earlier. 

Adjourn (Jim moves, Scott seconds) 

Historical Property Review: 4451 33rd St. built in 1927 in a row of three identical homes. 

Parks & Trail Development: No update 

Nominating Committee: No update