Sidewalk Repairs

In San Diego, the City of San Diego Transportation Department is responsible for maintenance of sidewalks fronting City-owned property. Sidewalks fronting private property experiencing normal sidewalk wear and tear, damage caused by private trees, or age damage is the responsibility of the homeowner who can take advantage of the City’s Safe Sidewalks Program to help offset the cost of repairs.

Per California Streets and Highways Code Sections 5610-5629, property owners are responsible for the repair of sidewalks in front of their property, even though it is within City right-of-way. 

Until June 2026, the City of San Diego is offering a permit fee holiday and expedited permit process for sidewalk repairs.

How can I report a broken sidewalk?

The best way to report a broken sidewalk is to take pictures of the problem and send them to City staff using the Get It Done cell phone app or the Get It Done portal on the City’s website. Those reports go directly to the staff charged with maintaining sidewalks. The photographs help City crews understand the extent of the problem and its exact location.

For more information go to the city website at