Bridgestone development

May 13, 2021

Mayor Todd Gloria

City of San Diego

Dear Mayor Gloria:

At the May 4th meeting of the Normal Heights Community Planning Group, John O’Connor, who has acquired property on the north side of El Cajon Blvd at 40th St., presented a proposal to develop the land in a mixed-use commercial/residential building. Part of the project involves the vacation of the alley that runs east to west just north of the properties that line El Cajon Blvd, and to remove the existing cul-de-sac in favor of a Hammerhead Turnaround to accommodate emergency vehicles and loading/unloading.

After public comment, the NHCPG unanimously voted in favor of John O’Connor’s proposal, and we urge the city Planning Department and Development Services Department to allow this project to come to fruition.

The project presentation supports the ambitious scope that the planning group has supported in the past, in accordance with communications sent to the city on November 8th of 2017 and on May 13th of 2019. It adds affordable housing units to Normal Heights, which is already one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the entire city, and yet, we request even more appropriately located and planned density specifically along El Cajon Blvd. between the 805 and 15 freeways.

The NHCPG remains committed the realizing the vision of the Mid-City Communities Plan, and development like what is being proposed at 40th and ECB is a step in the right direction to unleashing the potential of this corridor to be a place that adds vital resources, vibrant commerce, and cultural substance to Normal Heights and the other neighborhoods of Mid-City.

Normal Heights continues to struggle with a lack of meaningful response to the

challenges our neighborhood faces – park space and amenities, etc.. We hope this project leads to more attention from the city to bring the resources to our community and are optimistic you will hear us as we try to “create a grand boulevard setting,” as our plan calls for.

Respectfully, NHCPG Chair, Jim Baross