Open Issues

This list of open issues are items being worked on or are planned for future work by the NHCPG.

CategoryOpen ItemOwnerWorking WithEstimated CompletionStatusNotes
ADACurb ramp on EMVPaulADA Compliance2/1/24GreenOn CIP schedule
ADACurb ramp on ArthurPaulADA Compliance2/1/24GreenNot on CIP
Code EnforcementCurb cut on EMVPaulD9, CC, DSD2/1/24YellowClosure on fence and curb cut for ADU
Building PermitsADU set backPaulD98/1/24YellowSydney Place ADU Setback
Building PermitsMars ProjectPaulDSD2/1/24GreenNo request for permits by developer as of 1/31/24
GreenspaceTree removalsGeraldD9, Arborist6/1/24YellowFinding solutions for tree replacements
GreenspaceWard Canyon Park FundingJimD9, P&R6/1/24YellowCaltrans reducing scope, funding
StreetsRepaving of key streetsPaulTBD8/1/24YellowInvestigate street condition map and ensure ADA curb ramps are included
StreetsPedestrian Safety on AdamsAllanStreetsTBDYellowUnfunded project for WMV & Adams
StreetsSpeed reduction on EMVAllanStreetsTBDYellowPossible enforcement and/or calming
StreetsSidewalk repairsTBDD9TBDYellowPublicize fee holiday and identify high need areas
GreenspaceCommunity GardenPaulD9, DSD, P&R3/1/24YellowObtain permits for land use and water meter
GreenspacePocket Park on AdamsTBDD9TBDYellowCreate pocket park on Adams at Wilson
StreetsFlooding in Alley between 35th and ArthurPaulD9TBDYellowNeed GID submission
GreenspaceADU Build clearing trees on propertyPaulTBDTBDYellowInvestigation needed
Building PermitsADU setback at 4809 FeltonPaulDSDTBDYellowWhen using existing garage, what determines footprint? Since a building envelope includes the vertical measurements, the existing garage may be converted to an ADU using the existing zero setback. However, if the owner desires to put an ADU over the garage, the garage will need to be reconstructed or moved to allow a 4’ setback. Additionally, any exterior stairs require a 5’ setback
HousingEvictions without compensationPaulD9TBDYellow4515 Felton Street – need to find tenants