Agenda June 4, 2024

Agenda for Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 6:00 PM until approx. 8:00 PM

Normal Heights Community Center

4649 Hawley Avenue

(Bicycle and mobility devices may be parked inside)

Via Zoom at

Via telephone: 1 689-278-1000 Meeting ID: 626 390 4190


  1. Opening “reflection”
  2. Introductions of Board members. Virtual attendees are encouraged to enter their name for a record of their attendance in “Chat” or, if participating by audio only, to introduce themselves verbally. A reminder that other Chat entries will not be monitored by the Chair and are not considered official communications, even if to or from Board members.
  3. Agenda Setting/modifications (Note: items may be addressed out of listed order and time)
  4. Approval of meeting minutes for April as sent via email – Chair
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer/ Frances Prichett

6:15 Non-Agenda Public Comment

  • Non-Agenda Public Comment regarding NH land use & related NH community issues (2min pp).
  • Digital Communications Monitoring from, nextdoor, Facebook, Email, etc. 

6:30 Action/Decision Items (Board member roll call may be performed for recording votes)

  • Vote: Shall the board officially endorse/assign a timekeeper for meetings? If so should there be a gratuity for youth volunteers?
  • Vote: Shall the board invite Nico Calavita, Urban Studies Professor Emeritus SDSU, to speak at a future meeting?
  • City Operating procedures will replace bylaws, however we may modify the operating procedures so long as it does not place restrictions on voting in board members or violate Brown Act requirements.
    • Vote: Shall an addendum be created to the operating procedures to ensure Normal Heights specific items are not lost?
    • Vote: Shall the addendum include recognition of gender and disabilities as diversity?
  • Presentation on ministerial vs. discretionary projects – Emilie Colwell 
  • Presentation on property lines – Ramie Zomisky
  • Create new subcommittees based on goals
  • Street Fair Prep

8:00 Reports/Updates

  1. City, County, and State government agency representatives, if present.
    1. District 9 Councilmember Elo-Rivera – Sara Al-Agha
    1. Mayor’s Office – Lucero Maganda
    1. County Supervisor Monica Montgomery Steppe (or representative) 
    1. State Senator Atkins –Andi McNew 
    1. Assembly Member Ward – Christopher Gris 
    1. District 51 U.S. Congressmember Sara Jacobs (or representative)
  2. Chair Report
    1. Ad hoc subcommittee to submit to the County Grand Jury regarding SD Planning Dept.
  3. Community Group updates when present
    1. Adams Avenue Business Association – Scott Kessler
    1. El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association – Gary Weber
    1. NH Community Association and NH Urban Arts – Greg Stone/Norma Stafford
    1. Adams “Community Recreation Advisory Group” – Nancy Lawler
    1. NH for Smart Growth – Paul Coogan

8:15 Standing Committees

  1. Joint Mid-City Communities Plan Update Committee – Emilie Colwell
  2. Historical Property Review Report – Dan Soderberg

8:30 Advisory Committees

  • Nominating Committee – Greg Stone, Jim Baross
  • Utility Undergrounding & Street Lighting MAD – Emilie Colwell & Francis Prichett
  • Community Garden – Paul Coogan
  • Tree Replacements – Greg Stone, Emilie Colwell, Gerald Schoelen
  • Traffic Issue Taskforce (Report on Vision Zero) – Allan Harjala 

8:45 Adjournment

Instructions for participating in the live teleconferenced meeting may be found at