Meeting Minutes Jan. 2023

Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, January 3, 2023, 6:00 PM until approx. 8:00 PM

Participation is by teleconference during this Pandemic, not an in-person meeting.

XJim Baross (C)XAllan Harjala (T) Ricky Marin
XEmilie Colwell Emily Kamen Dan Soderberg
XPaul Coogan (VC) Scott KesslerXBrain Schrader
XVickie Everich (S)XNancy LawlerXGreg Stone
XTaylor Everich Frances Prichett  

C= Chairperson  VC= Vice Chairperson  T= Treasurer  S= Secretary

Others in attendance: Maggie Friend, Gerald Schoelen

6:00      Call to order – AUDIO, CHAT, AND VIDEO WILL BE RECORDED

  1. Introductions of Board members
  2. Agenda Setting/modifications None
  3. Approval of previous meeting minutes as sent via email – Secretary/Vickie Everich: Motion to approve: Allan, S: Taylor, unanimously passes
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer/Allan Harjala: Nothing to report, no changes

Non-Agenda Public Comment regarding NH land use & related NH community issues:

  • Greg Stone asked how to go about requesting paving alleywaysBen Mendoza (District 9 Councilmember Elo-Rivera) suggested using Get It Done App and also encouraged residents to respond to Budget Survey.  Todd Clemons and Gerald Schoelen identified locations in need of repair.
  • Digital Communications Monitoring from, Nextdoor, Facebook, etc.? None

Action/Decision Items

  • Teleconference and/or “Live”? -Shall the February 7, 2023, meeting be held via teleconference (per AB361), both teleconference and in person, or only in person: Motion to have meeting via teleconference February 7, 2023: Greg, S: Paul, unanimously passes
  • Review and comment on the NHCPG web page Internet presence at Kudos & thanks to Paul Coogan and Brian Schrader!

Suggestions include:

  • Adding Community Plan to website
  • Email contacts for chair and vice chair only at this time
  • Site is for informational purposes only, not a place for the public to post comments on


  • City, County, and State government agency representatives, if present.
    • District 9 Councilmember Elo-Rivera – Office contact, Ben Mendoza, (619) 510-6896

  • Stay up to date on what the Council Office is working on






  • Learn about other important dates and meetings by viewing the 2023 Legislative Calendar:
  • Councilmembers must submit their budget priorities on January 13, so please complete our budget survey by Friday, January 6, 2023. Survey Link:
  • County Supervisor Fletcher – Office contact, Abbey Reuter 619-531-5525
  • End of Term Review:
  • Regional Decarbonization Framework:
  • Behavioral Health Center of Excellence- 5 year pilot program to begin
    • State Senator Atkins – San Diego office contact 619-645-3133 not present
    • Assemblymember Ward – Office contact (619) 645-3090 not present
  • Chair report
    • Community Planners Committee – no December meeting
  • Community Group updates when present
    • Adams Avenue Business Association – Scott Kessler not present
    • El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association – Gary Weber and Jim spoke of placing holiday lights on pedestrian bridges next year
    • NH Community Association and NH Urban Arts –  Holiday Bicycle Ride and Home Decorating Contest was a big success!
    • Adams “Community Recreation Advisory Group” – Nancy Lawler
    • NH History Project – historical documents are now at the Community Center office 
    • NH for Smart Growth – Gerald Shoelen: Planning Commission voted to keep current language of Sustainable Development Area, Margret Friend provided information on new development at 2911 Adams Avenue, and reported on meeting with CEO of BikeSD to discuss making streets in Normal Heights safer for bicyclists.

Standing and Working Groups & Pending Issue Reports as needed   

  1. Historical Property Review Report – Dan not present
  2. Parks & Trail Development –P&R Director promising new trees to be installed in the Fall. 
  3. Utility Undergrounding – Forming a Street Lighting working group toward establishing new Maintenance Assessment District (MAD). 
  4. Traffic Issue Taskforce – Allan. 

  7:08    Adjournment Motion to Adjourn: Brian, S: Paul