Meeting Minutes January 2024

We failed to have a quorum on Jan. 2 so we could not hold a meeting. We did however have about 30 minutes of informal conversations among neighbors and interested parties. Alex from RideSD will present on the proposed people mover to the airport project next month. Mayoral candidate Dan Smiechowski and District 9 city council candidate Fernando Garcia both were present and introduced themselves. Officer Jenny Hall was on zoom and wished everyone a happy New Year. 

Sara Al-Agha from the District 9 office was present and gave an update on the proposed community garden project in the extended parkway at Cherokee and East Mountain View. The city does not own the property – it just has an easement. The property is actually owned by the adjacent property owners and to move forward will require some action TBD after consulting with other city departments. Sara also had written up answers to questions from December’s meeting.

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