Meeting Minutes Jul. 2022

Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, July 5 2022, 2022 6:00pm until approx. 8:00pm

Participation is by teleconference during this Pandemic; no in-person meeting. 

A recording of this meeting can be found here:

Board Member Attendance (X = present)

XJim Baross (C)XTaylor EverichXFrances Prichett
XChristian D’Emilia (VC)XAllan HarjalaXDan Soderberg
 Gautam DeyXEmily Kamen  
XVickie Everich (S)XScott Kessler  
  XNancy Lawler  

C= Chairperson  VC= Vice Chairperson  T= Treasurer  S= Secretary

Others in Attendance: Ryan Darsey, Greg Stone, Brian Schrader, Paul Jamason, Paul Coogan, Norma Stafford, Peter Stafford, Robert Ruane, Gerald Schoelen David Moty

6:04 PM: Call to Order by Chair Jim Baross 

  1. Introductions of planning group members.  All members present identified themselves.  All attendees were encouraged, but not required to type their name and contact information in “Chat” feature, or if participating by telephone to introduce themselves verbally.  
  2. Agenda/Setting Modifications: Jim Baross Remove Action Item #7 which was a request for a letter regarding Mars Project.  Add an Action Item (#9) regarding Nominating Committee as Board is now under 12 people members.
  3. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: June 2022 minutes approved. Abstain: Christian D’Emilia due to being absent from June meeting (M: Scott/ S: Emily)
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Linda Case has stepped down from the Board.  New Treasure is needed.  Balance has not changed since last meeting.  

Public Comments 
5: Non-agenda public comments regarding Normal Heights land use and related Normal Heights community issues. Public comments are limited to two minutes per person, per subject.  

  • Jim Baross stated that he received three “Quick Fact Sheet” documents created by the Adams Recreation Community Group regarding Ward Canyon Park and two other topics related to Parks and Recreation. Documents are available to the public.
  • No social media items were discussed

Action/Decision Items

  • Shall the next NHCPG meeting be held on August 2, 2022 and Shall the next NHCPG meeting be held in person or virtual? Board voted unanimously to hold the meeting virtually on August 2, 2022 (M: Vickie S: Christian)
  • Item 7 removed per Chair’s request
  • Shall the NHCPG request the City of San Diego to install monument marker signs at four entry/exit points in order to facilitate neighborhood identity per request of Marianne Green?   Board not prepared to make a decision at this time and will request details from Marianne Green on locations and design of signs.
  • The Board currently has 11 members.  This triggers a need for a Nominating Committee per the bylaws. Discussion regarding strategies to increase diversity and inclusiveness of Board included more outreach within the community. Nominating Committee established with Jim as Chair and Vickie as a member.


  1. City, County, State government agency representatives if present:
  2. Ryan Darsey representing Councilmember Whitburn spoke about City Budget that has been passed, the opening of the new dog park in Ward Canyon Park, increased funding for police to enforce anti street racing laws, Pride Weekend next weekend. 
  3. Chair Report
  4. Jim attended the Community Planner’s Committee meeting.  Discussed proposed new municipal codes that were proposed to allow for the City’s Attorney’s office to enforce and collect from individuals who were part of Cannabis businesses that were formed as LLC and went out of business. CPC did not make a decision at meeting.  Also discussed was Council Policy 600-24, which City Council will have a hearing on in September.
  6.  Community Groups Updates
  7. Adams Avenue Business Association: Planning for the Street Fair in September is in effect, Taste of Adams was successful and sold out, next AABA Mixer will be held at Ska Bar
  8. El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association 
  9. Normal Heights Urban Arts: Norma provided update including fundraiser for Butterfly Mural (a little more than half of needed funding has been met).  Gofund me still in place.
  10. Adams Community Recreation Group: Jim reported that Park and Recreation plan to plant 8 new trees in Ward Canyon Park

Standing Working Groups 

  1. Historic Property Review Report:  No new properties to report
  2. Street Fair: No volunteers to take over Linda’s position for staffing booth.  Scott suggested sharing a booth with Normal Heights Urban Arts and Normal Heights Community Association who are also having difficulty staffing booths.
  3. Utility Undergrounding: David Moty provided update regarding undergrounding being performed in North Park.  Frances will reach out to Ryan Darsey from Steven Whitburn’s office.  
  4. Traffic Issue Taskforce: Alan will be sending out communications to other members to start gathering information on streets with most traffic concerns.

7:28 PM: Adjournment