Meeting Minutes Oct. 2022

Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, October 4, 2022, 6:00pm until approx. 8:00pm

Participation is by teleconference during this Pandemic; no in-person meeting.

XJim Baross (C) Taylor EverichXFrances Prichett
XEmilie ColwellXAllan HarjalaXDan Soderberg
XPaul CooganXEmily KamenXBrain Schrader
 Christian D’Emilia (VC)XScott Kessler Greg Stone
 Vickie Everich (S)XNancy Lawler  

C= Chairperson  VC= Vice Chairperson  T= Treasurer  S= Secretary

Others in Attendance: Eliza Brady , James Doogan, Pete Evaristo, Margaret Friend, Molly Lorden, Robert Ruane,Gerald Schoelen 


  1. Introductions of planning group members. 
  2. Agenda Setting/modifications:  None
  3. Approval of previous meeting minutes as sent via email – Motion by Emilie C to “Approve” S: Paul, unanimously passes
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer/(position vacant – volunteer?)

Non-Agenda Public Comment regarding NH land use & related NH community issues; limited to two minutes per person.

  • Scott: There was an arson attempt at Global Visions.
  • Gerald: Good job AABA on Fair
  • Digital Communications Monitoring, Nextdoor, Facebook, etc.? – (vacant – volunteer?)

Action/Decision Items (Board member roll call may be performed for recording votes)

  • Nominating Committee present nominee Ricky Marin for the Board to decide to approve to fill one currently vacant Board position; Motion by Paul to “approve Board Membership effective immediately” 

S: Brian, unanimously passes

Shall the November 1st, 2022, meeting be held be via teleconference (per AB361).  Motion by Paul: “Yes” S: Francis, unanimously passes

  • Shall the NHCPG send a letter to the city Transportation Engineering Operations Division requesting that they investigate traffic safety problem locations within our community and determine if traffic calming or other measures would be appropriate?  Motion by Alan: “Yes with modifications as stated during discussion. S: Brian, unanimously passes
  • Shall the NHCPG request that the city and MTS extend the route hours for Line 11 (SDSU to Downtown) until 1:00 AM on Friday and Saturday to give visitors to Normal Heights a safer, cheaper, and less hazardous alternative to travel to/from the community?  Brian motioned “Yes, with modifications as stated during the discussion.” S: Scott, unanimously passes

7:15     Reports/Updates

  • The City of San Diego will be holding two public virtual workshops for the 2022 Annual Comprehensive Code Update. There will be two identical public workshops where City staff will provide a brief presentation, and members of the public can answer questions related to the 2022 Annual Comprehensive Code Update. Workshop #1:  Oct. 6,2pm to 4pm  a Virtual Meeting and Workshop #2: Oct. 11, 12pm – 2pm also a Virtual Meeting 
  • City, County, State government agency representatives if present.
    • District 3 Councilmember Whitburn – Office contact, Ryan Darsey, 619-236 6633

Provided written report of updates distributed to Board Members

  • District 9 Councilmember Elo-Rivera – Office contact, Maryan Osman, 619-236-6699
    Normal Heights will be part of District 9 starting January 2023, still determining who neighborhood representative will be, do not hesitate to reach out to MaryAn Osman with any questions/concerns
    • County Supervisor Fletcher – Office contact, Abbey Reuter 619-531-4936

Supervisor Fletcher is Chair of MTS and is happy to hear concerns, City and County held joint summit on affordable housing – together the two bodies passed a resolution declaring intentions to build 10,000 affordable housing units by 2030 as well as streamline permitting in order to accelerate housing production.  County Board of Supervisors voted to establish a rental subsidy assistance program for seniors at risk of becoming homeless, initiative created to increase number of veterans working for county

  • State Senator Atkins – San Diego office contact Stopher Vallejo 619-645-3133
    Legislature in recess, Toni Atkins has been in San Diego meeting with constituents, Middle Income Tax Refunds are scheduled to start being sent out next week 
    • Assemblymember Ward – Office contact (619) 645-3090
  • Chair report
    • Community Planners Committee Sept. 27
      • Recommendations for proposed 2022 Land Development code changes
      • Creation of an Affordable Housing Subcommittee
    • Ward Canyon Park development planning update
  • Community Groups updates when present
    • Adams Avenue Business Association – CONGRATULATIONS ON STREET FAIR!
    • El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association: Not present
    • NH Community Association and NH Urban Arts: Not present
    • Adams “Community Recreation Advisory Group”  Not present
    • NH History Project – historical documents are now at the Community Center office
    • NH for Smart Growth (new organization) Provided information and timeline regarding MARs Project/Hotel

7:50         Standing Working Groups, & Pending Issue Reports as needed   

  1. Street Fair –Thank you to volunteers!  
  2. Historic Property Review Report – Dan: None
  3. Parks & Trail Development –P&R Director promising new trees to be installed in the Fall. 
  4. Utility Undergrounding – Francis – no update
  5. Traffic Issue Taskforce – Alan: Stated above

  8:00    Adjournment (M: Brian  S: ?)