Agenda July 11, 2023

Agenda for Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 6:00 PM until approx. 8:15 PM

Normal Heights Community Center

4649 Hawley Avenue

Via Zoom at

Via telephone: 1 689-278-1000 Meeting ID: 626 390 4190

6:00     Call to order – AUDIO, CHAT, AND VIDEO WILL BE RECORDED

  1. Opening “reflection”
  2. Introductions of Board members. All attendees are encouraged to enter their name for a record of their attendance in “Chat” or, if participating by audio only, to introduce themselves verbally. A reminder that other Chat entries will not be monitored by the Chair and are not considered official communications, even if to or from Board members.
  3. Agenda Setting/modifications (Note: items may be addressed out of listed order and time)
  4. Approval of previous meeting minutes as sent via email – Secretary/Brian Schrader
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer/ Frances Prichett

6:15   Non-Agenda Public Comment

  • Non-Agenda Public Comment regarding NH land use & related NH community issues (2min pp).
  • Digital Communications Monitoring from, Nextdoor, Facebook, Email, etc. 

6:30 Action/Decision Items (Board member roll call may be performed for recording votes)

  • Corridor Improvements 2

Daniel S. Nutter of Dokken Engineering will present on the City of San Diego’s Corridor Improv 2 project to replace water and sewer mains in the Normal Heights and City Heights communities. – Q&A to follow.

  • Formation of Nominating Committee

The number of vacant seats will soon be too high to maintain a quorum.

Proposed motion: Create a nominating committee to identify and nominate candidates for all open seats. 

  1. Opposition to SB10

Proposed motion: The board shall write a letter to the planning commission opposing the adoption of SD10 into the Housing Code Update 2 in alignment with other mid-city planning groups.

  1. Meeting Accessibility 

Proposed motion: The shall approve the draft letter to Toni Atkins & Chris Ward Re: Brown Act modernization to allow video conferencing.

  1. Vision Statement

Proposed Motion: The NHCPPG shall adopt a vision statement, a copy of which has been distributed to the board.

7:30     Reports/Updates

  1. City, County, and State government agency representatives, if present.
    1. Lydia Marshal – City Parks & Rec – presentation on Ward Canyon GDP development
    1. District 9 Councilmember Elo-Rivera – Ben Mendoza, 619-236-6699
      1. Budgeting
    1. Mayor’s Office – Lucero Maganda <>
      1. Budgeting
    1. County Supervisor Fletcher – (removed until further notice) Ana Laura Martinez 619-531-5525
    1. State Senator Atkins –Andi McNew 619-688-6700
    1. Assembly Member Ward – Christopher Gris 619-280-7801
  2. Chair report
    1. Community Planners Committee – Paul Coogan
  3. Community Group updates when present
    1. Adams Avenue Business Association – Scott Kessler
    1. El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association – Gary Weber
    1. NH Community Association and NH Urban Arts – Greg Stone/Norma Stafford
    1. Adams “Community Recreation Advisory Group” – Nancy Lawler
    1. NH for Smart Growth – Paul Coogan

7:45 Standing Committees

  1. Joint Mid-City Communities Plan Update Committee – Paul Coogan, Greg Stone, Scott Kessler
  2. Historical Property Review Report – Dan 
  3. Parks & Trail Development – TBD 

7:45 Advisory Committees

  1. Utility Undergrounding & Street Lighting MAD – Emilie Colwell & Francis Prichett
  2. Caltrans Grant Submission – Paul Coogan, Jim Baross, Greg Stone, Taylor Everich
  3. DEI Program – Paul Coogan, Scott Kessler, Jim Baross
  4. Tree Replacements – Greg Stone, Emilie Colwell, Gerald Schoelen
  5. Traffic Issue Taskforce – Allan Harjala 
  6. Community Engagement Poll – Paul Coogan

8:15    Adjournment

Instructions for participating in the live teleconferenced meeting may be found at