Meeting Minutes May 2023

Meeting Minutes for May 2, 2023, 6:00 PM until approx. 8:00 PM

xJim Baross xEmily Kamen Brian Schrader (S)
xEmilie ColwellxScott KesslerxGreg Stone
xPaul Coogan (C)xNancy Lawler  
xTaylor EverichxFrances Prichett (T)  
xAllan Harjala (VC)xDan Soderberg  

Call to order

  1. Introductions of Board members. 
  2. Agenda Setting/modifications: None.
  3. Approval of previous meeting minutes as sent via email – motion by Taylor, second by Allan, passedunanimously (11-0-0)
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer/ Frances Prichett: No change from last month: $2085.99

Non-Agenda Public Comment regarding NH land use & related NH community issues;  

  • Question from Taylor about whether candidates are eligible for board seats if attending twice either online and in person and response was this is not clear in bylaws, will continue with prior eligibility requirements such that both in-person and online count.

Mike – shared info on rally May 6 from noon to 2pm discussing SB 10 and sustainable development area (SDA) policy and how will impact Normal Heights 

  • Digital communications monitoring from Nextdoor, Facebook,etc: None this month

City, County, and State government agency representatives, if present. 

Current Bill Text:

Sean Elo-Rivera shared that he wears a few hats as local representative on City Council and as City Council president. City Council reviews the Mayor’s proposed budget before releasing their proposed edits on May 15

City Council priorities include weed abatement and fire prevention as this relates to Normal Heights.

Focused on investment in city employees needed to do the work, completed negotiations with two unions that represent city workers.

Question raised about development impact fees (DIF) and Sean Elo-Rivera responded that DIF are shared among all communities with a focus on those areas that are under-resourced.

Resident Mike posed a question about water for water pressure and fire safety when it comes to Normal Heights future development.

NHPG Chair Paul asked about missing middle housing. Sean Elo-Rivera wants to see more multi-bedrooms and middle-income family housing.

Sean Elo-Rivera shared that he serves on SANDAG and will try use weighted vote to make decision on regional planning process. Stated that changes at MTS like those 18 years and younger ride free has increased ridership among children, young adults and former foster youth.

Sean Elo-Rivera responded to a tree canopy question by sharing vision of shaded streets from trees, bringing in planters with trees on sidewalks.

Sean Elo-Rivera said mid-city community update process is going to begin this year and they are hiring in the planning department for those with community updates.

Elected Officials

Action/Decision Items



  1. Chair report 
  • Chair Report – Paul Coogan raised request was for participants in the Community Park Group and Police Captain’s meeting. 
  1. Community Group updates 
  • El Cajon Blvd Business Improvement Association – Gary Weber shared willingness to have development and Mid-City parking district within their purview
    • Community Recreation Advisory Group – Nancy Lawler indicated the need to have more people attend to have a quorum, currently they have a Chair and Secretary. Meeting takes place at 4th Wednesday at 6pm

Standing and Working Groups & Pending Issue Reports as needed 

  1. Undergrounding sub-committee – first block at 90{b6496726b6f152b0d68d7a95b291e311a72a0d576f74a708df9852b406cfcd0c} completion, other blocks in planning phase and do not have funding
  1. Caltrans grant application was submitted with request for $10k. Response will occur in September. 
  1. Tree Canopy – Gerald met with ERO who shared that trees are being placed in planters and request for sharing of ideas.
  1. Traffic issue taskforce – city traffic engineer is looking at West Mountain View & Adams where a crosswalk is needed.

Adjournment: 8:17 PM M: Jim S: Taylor