Meeting Minutes Dec. 2022

Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 6:00 PM until approx. 8:00 PM

Participation is by teleconference during this Pandemic, no in-person meeting.

XJim Baross (C)XAllan Harjala (T) Ricky Marin
XEmilie Colwell Emily Kamen Dan Soderberg
XPaul Coogan (VC) Scott KesslerXBrain Schrader
XVickie Everich (S) Nancy LawlerXGreg Stone
XTaylor EverichXFrances Prichett  


  1. Introductions of Board members.
  2. Agenda Setting/modifications: None
  3. Approval of previous meeting minutes Motion to approve: Taylor S: Allan, unanimously passes
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer/Allan Harjala Current balance: $2085.95

Non-Agenda Public Comment regarding NH land use & related NH community issues

  • Information was provided from Alberto Melchor, Operations Manager, Safe Harbors Network,   from the Christ Ministry Center about the various social services offered.  These include temporary housing for refugees and asylum seekers through the Safe Harbors Network, a food bank (Wednesdays), medical clinics (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and clothing services.  These services are based from Christ United Methodist Church (619) 838-5706,

Information was also provided by Molly Lorden of Normal Heights United Methodist Church regarding services offered, including community fridge, partnering with Uplift to collect jackets, socks, blankets, Next Steps program which offers appointments with Social Workers to connect those in need with resources and various AA groups that meet at the church.

Action/Decision Items

  • There is one vacancy on the NHCPG Board. If one or more qualifying candidates volunteer, we may have an election to fill the position. No action
  • Shall the January 3, 2022, meeting be held via teleconference (per AB361)? Motion to hold via teleconference: Paul, S: Brian, unanimously passes
  • Shall the NHCPG comment on the Parks and Recreation Department undergoing policy development for the newly created Opportunity Fund?  No action as Board feels they do not have enough information.
  • Update on the NHCPG establishing an internet presence. Decisions about the authorization and management of the services and costs may be made. No action needed at this time.


  1. City, County, and State government agency representatives if present.
    1. District 3 Councilmember Whitburn – Office contact, Ryan Darsey,619-236 6633

New redistricting goes into effect next December 6, 2022.  This is Ryan’s last meeting.

  1. Chair report
    1. Community Planners Committee November. 29th.
      1. Several CPGs are holding hybrid meetings – in-person & teleconference
      1. CPC will request City for clarification on future teleconferenced meetings.
      1. Affordable Housing Subcommittee teleconference meeting scheduled for December 5th, 6 PM
      1. CPC will request that CPGs may initiate at least one appeal per year per project without the $1000 fee. Currently, there is no fee for CPGs appeals.
    1. Our letter was sent to oppose the proposal in the DRAFT 2022 Land Use Development Code Update Language of 10/13/22 concerning the change from a Transit Priority Area to a Sustainable Development Area.
    1. Our request for extension of hours of operation for the SDMTD Route 11 to 1:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays was provided in draft to MTDB and SANDAG staff.
  1. Community Group updates when present
    1. Adams Avenue Business Association – No representative present
    1. El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association The annual Holiday Bridge Lighting Ceremony will be on 12/6/22 at 5:00 at the Transit Plaza. 
    1. NH Community Association and NH Urban Arts NHCA will be holding its annual holiday home decorating contest and bike ride on December 10, 2022.  For further information or RSVP:

             There is a mixer being planned for the first quarter of next year.

  • Adams “Community Recreation Advisory Group” No representative present
    • NH History Project –No representative present
    • NH for Smart Growth Provided updates on Transit Priority Area data and new development at 2911 Adams Avenue

Standing and Working Groups & Pending Issue Reports as needed  

  1. Historical Property Review Report – not present
  2. Parks & Trail Development –No updates
  3. Utility Undergrounding – No updates
  4. Traffic Issue Taskforce – No updates

  8:00    Adjournment Motion to Adjourn by Jim, S: Paul