Meeting Minutes Feb. 2023

Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, February 7, 2023, 6:00 PM until approx. 8:00 PM

XJim Baross (C)XAllan Harjala (T) Ricky Marin
XEmilie ColwellXEmily KamenXDan Soderberg
XPaul Coogan (VC)XScott KesslerXBrain Schrader
XVickie Everich (S)XNancy LawlerXGreg Stone
XTaylor EverichXFrances Prichett  


  1. Introductions of Board members. 
  2. Agenda Setting/modifications: None
  3. Approval of previous meeting minutes as sent via email – Secretary/Vickie Everich: Motion to approve with correction that Paul Coogan was present at January meeting: M: Francis, S: Paul, Motion passes unanimously
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer/Allan Harjala: No change from last month: $2085.99

Non-Agenda Public Comment regarding NH land use & related NH community issues;  

  • What is the status of the butterfly mural on the side of the Adams Recreation Center?

   Scott: $35,000 of $50,000 has been raised. Hoping to start installation in a couple of months.   Those who want to donate still can through the GoFundme page or buy purchasing a Normal Heights or Kensington Replica sign:

Action/Decision Items

  • Teleconference and/or “Live”? -Shall the March 7, 2023, meeting be held via teleconference (per AB361)?  Community Planning Groups will be required to be in person per current city and state guidelines starting March 1, 2023.  Motion by Jim: We will hold our March meeting in accordance with the current requirements imposed by city at the date of the meeting. S: Paul, Motion passes unanimously
  • Motion put forward by Jim: Shall the NHCPG spend up to $1000 for technology to support hybrid meetings?  S: Brian, Motion passes unanimously
  • Review and comment on the NHCPG web page Internet presence at Kudos & thanks to Paul Coogan and Brian Schrader!
  • Elections will be held next month for all Board members whose terms are ending, as well as all positions on the Board eligible (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer). To be considered for Board Membership, qualified applicants must submit an application through the Nominating Committee.


  • City, County, and State government agency representatives, if present.

                     District 9 Councilmember and Council President Elo-Rivera –

                     Office contact, Ben Mendoza, 619-236-6699

  • Housing is a Human Right resolution, was passed unanimously and signed by Todd Gloria serving as a guiding principle for the city in finding housing solutions for all San Diegans and to ensure city council is taking action to ensure housing is affordable and available to all.
    • Council President Elo-Rivera was voted Vice Chair of SANDAG. One of his top priorities is expanding the Youth Opportunity Pass and making program permanent. 
    • District Office 9’s 2022 Annual Report was released this week
    • Newsletter flagged two opportunities for community: First, Normal Heights Community Fridge at Normal Heights United Methodist Church and second, Normal Heights clean up this Saturday at 9:00 at Ward Canyon Park

Assemblymember District 78 Chris Ward

     Office Contact Christopher Gris

  • New District lines took effect December 2022
    • Assemblymember Ward had 18 bills signed within first Legislative Session
    • Office is researching proposals for the new legislative year. Ideas can be submitted to website or email Christopher Gris.
    • Assemblymember Ward is working on: AB2 which would establish a state wide solar panel end of life program and SB4: Housing legislation that allows religious institutions and non-profit colleges to build affordable housing on their land
  • Chair report
    • Community Planners Committee – Paul attended- key takeaway: meetings have to be in person
  1. Community Group updates when present
    1. Adams Avenue Business Association – Scott Kessler

2022 Annual Report has been published 

  • El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association: No representative present
    • NH Community Association and NH Urban Arts: Greg Stone
      NHCA has set a goal to have a social event every quarter and is seeking input from residents for events they would like to see.
    • Adams “Community Recreation Advisory Group” Nancy Lawler
      Adams Community Recreation Group is looking for new and additional  members
    • NH History Project 

         Historical documents are now at the Community Center office

  • NH for Smart Growth – Paul Coogan: 

City Council voting on SDAs 2/14/23, NH for Smart Growth will be there to oppose SDAs.  2911 Adams Avenue update: met with developers with Impact Housing which is planning 72 residential units mix of studio, 1 bedroom and 3 bedrooms, retail on first floor.  NH for Smart Growth was impressed with design and plans. 

Standing and Working Groups & Pending Issue Reports as needed   

  1. Historical Property Review Report – Dan: None to report
  2. Parks & Trail Development –P&R Director promising new trees to be installed in the Fall.
  3. Utility Undergrounding – Frances/Emilie C.

Currently forming a Street Lighting working group toward establishing new Maintenance Assessment District (MAD). Emile: Trying to get a hold of rep in order to form MAD, which will be effected by SDGE timeline, still trying to clarify SDGE timeline 

  1. Traffic Issue Taskforce – Allan  

Bike SD asked Jim what he thought would make NH safer for bicycles: answer included repaving, Adams Ave, lack of drivers giving way to bikes, Adams Avenue has become a bypass for freeways, installing a traffic circle W mountain View and Adams, and making the bridge over 805 more accessible to pedestrians.

  7:25    Adjournment : M: Jim  S: Paul