Meeting Minutes June 2023

Minutes for Tuesday, June 6, 2023, 6:00 PM until approx. 8:15 PM

Normal Heights Community Center

4649 Hawley Avenue

Attendance: Emily Colwell (Absent – Attended Late)

Motions & Votes are underlined and denote the maker of the motion, second, & vote tally.

6:00     Call to order 

  1. Opening “reflection”
  2. Introductions of Board members. 
  3. Agenda Setting/modifications 
  4. Approval of previous meeting minutes as sent via email – Secretary/Brian Schrader
    1. Motion: Jim & Brian, unanimous
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer/ Frances Prichett
    1. New Account Balance $1332.46

6:15   Non-Agenda Public Comment

  • Non-Agenda Public Comment regarding NH land use & related NH community issues (2min pp).
    • Adam: Jim will take care of FB group admin issues.
    • Jim: Ward canyon park update. Park & Rec has $1.4m left and Jim is attempting to figure out the other money went.
    • Paul: Where the group’s plan is for getting to the city’s 108,00 units? Get him info on when the Mid-City group meets.
    • Amy(?): Asks the group to oppose the unsafe camping ordinance.
    • Scott: AABA Endorsed the measure
    • Brian: Spoke about the housing/homelessness intertwined-ness.
  • Digital Communications Monitoring from, Nextdoor, Facebook, Email, etc.
    • None

6:30     Action/Decision Items (Board member roll call may be performed for recording votes)

  • Fenton Parkway Bridge Project

Paul Jackson, Program Manager for SDSU, will present on the Fenton Parkway 

  • Project EIR should be submitted in January 2024.
  • 2-lane Bridge crossing the river from Camino Del Rio N.
  • Sidewalks and bike lane in both directions.
  • Asking for community feedback by June 30th.
  • Jim referred to the City & Bike Coalition regarding the bike lanes.
  • Paul advocated for existing cycle track.
  • Resources can be found at:
  • Francis is concerned about the park’s relation with the bridge & routing.
  • Gerald asks about the bike trails connecting further north.
  • Adam asks about bridge sculpture and artwork.
  • Paul Coogan asks about city land and other nearby utilization.
  • Emily Kamen asks about the project’s impact on zoning & the inclusion of this in the ballot measure from 2020.
  • The crossing at Fenton will be at-grade.
  • Gerald asks about flooding over the 100 year flood plan.

Bridge Project via Zoom – Q&A to follow.

  • Letter of Support for Street Fair

Proposed motion: The board shall write a letter of support to the AABA supporting the upcoming Adams Ave Street Fair, Sept 23rd & 24th ’23. 

  • Motion to approve: Jim & Adam, unanimous
  • Communications Compliance

Proposed motion: All email communications by board members regarding board business use or include the address to maintain a record of communications with a 5 year retention period and provide public access upon request as per City Council Policy 600-24 Section II.C.

  • Motion to approve: Jim & Brian, unanimous
  • Candidate Qualifications

Proposed motion: Remove previous meeting attendance qualification for board candidates as per City Council Policy 600-24 Section II.D 

  • Jim suggests we request a variance from the city to require members to have visited at least one additional visit.
  • Paul Jameson speaks in opposition.
  • Adam says that the meeting requirement is moot.
  • Taylor adds that diversity is harmed by in-person participation requirements & pushes for more hybrid.
  • Motion to retain previous qualification requirements: Jim & Francis,
    • Brian & Allan oppose the motion; all others approve.
  • Jim asks that a motion for the next meeting have a motion for asking for variance.
  • Advisory Committees

Proposed motion: Advisory committees shall establish a completion date and scope of deliverables in writing upon establishment which may be amended by public vote in a regular board meeting.

The following categorizations were drafted:

  • Advisory Committee
    • Utility Undergrounding (End Date: 12 months)
    • Cal-Trans Grant Submission (End Date: October)
    • DEI Program (End Date: 9 months)
    • Tree Replacement (End Date: 12 months)
  • Standing Committee
    • Joint Mid-City Communities Plan Update (Standing)
    • Historical Property Review Report (Standing)
    • Park and Trail Development (Standing)
    • Traffic Issues (Standing)

Motion to approve categories: Jim & Brian, Scott abstains

  1. Community Engagement

Proposed motion: The board shall create a report of community concerns by developing and distributing a survey to the public and delivering the completed report to public officials.

  • Taylor asks if the Street Faire could be the venue for this.
  • QM Code to Survey Monkey, FB, questionnaire.
  • Jim clarifies that this would be related to Land Use Issues only.

Motion to approve: Scott & Adam, unanimous

  1. Opposition to SB10

Proposed motion: The board shall write a letter to the planning commission opposing the adoption of SD10 into the Housing Code Update 2.0

  • Delayed to the next meeting since adequate notice was not posted.

7:30     Reports/Updates

  1. City, County, and State government agency representatives, if present.
    1. Lydia Marshal – City Parks & Rec – presentation on Ward Canyon GDP development
      1. Update provided by written email report, read aloud.
    1. District 9 Councilmember Elo-Rivera – Ben Mendoza, 619-236-6699
      1. Budgeting
      1. During the update, Emily Colwell joined in attendance.
    1. Mayor’s Office – Lucero Maganda <>
      1. Budgeting
    1. County Supervisor Fletcher – (removed until further notice) Ana Laura Martinez 619-531-5525
    1. State Senator Atkins – Andi McNew — 619-688-6700
    1. Assembly Member Ward – Christopher Gris — 619-280-7801
      1. Not present.
  2. Chair report
    1. Community Planners Committee – Paul Coogan
      1. Creation of dispensaries (fully allocated). Additional licenses have been requested.
      1. Board members still needed for the Park & Rec Group
    1. Need board members for rec group – Paul Coogan
      1. Meeting takes place at 4th Wednesday at 6pm
  3. Community Group updates when present
    1. Adams Avenue Business Association – Scott Kessler
      1. Preparing for Taste of Adams
      1. AABA used the Owl system for Hybrid Meetings
      1. Reballoting the MADs that stretch down Adams Ave & 30th to raise revenue for the energy bills for street-lights, trash pick up, etc.
      1. AABA budget has returned to pre-pandemic levels
    1. El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association – Gary Weber
      1. Additional development is planned along El Cajon Blvd.
    1. NH Community Association and NH Urban Arts – Greg Stone/Norma Stafford
      1. Community bike ride around the neighborhood. Meet up before.
        1. Free to attend. 6/24 9:30-12.
      1. Butterfly Mural will go up this summer.
    1. Adams “Community Recreation Advisory Group” – Nancy Lawler
      1. Mot is the first project in the Ward Canyon Park.
      1. 35th St. Ball Field foul balls damage cars. Park & Rec will raise the fence.
    1. NH for Smart Growth – Paul Coogan
      1. Board meeting, focused on more dialogue between stake holders.

7:45       Standing and Advisory Committees

  1. Utility Undergrounding & Street Lighting MAD – Emilie Colwell & Francis Prichett
    1. News from SDGE
    1. There is no priority list, but the city can advocate for neighborhood priority.
    1. ‘District Creation’ this summer – the definition is unknown. Schedule to follow.
  2. Caltrans Grant Submission – Paul Coogan, Jim Baross, Greg Stone, Taylor Everich
    1. Decision will be made in September.
  3. DEI Program – Paul Coogan, Scott Kessler, Jim Baross
    1. AABA will begin sending out FB ad messaging.
    1. Needs help with Spanish translations.
  4. Tree Replacements – Greg Stone, Emilie Colwell, Gerald Schoelen
    1. No Update
  5. Joint Mid-City Communities Plan Update Committee – Paul Coogan, Greg Stone, Scott Kessler
    1. Administrative overall. Work starts next month. 2-3 year effort.
  6. Historical Property Review Report – Dan
    1. No update
  7. Parks & Trail Development – TBD
    1. No members
  8. Traffic Issue Taskforce – Allan Harjala
    1. No word back on the large list.
    1. Crosswalk from Shell to the Bridge was rejected.

NOTICE: Next meeting will be July 11th as the usual date would be the 4th of July.

8:15    Adjournment

              Motion: Jim & Brian, unanimous