Meeting Minutes July 2023

Minutes for Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Normal Heights Community Center

4649 Hawley Avenue

Via Zoom at

Via telephone: 1 689-278-1000 Meeting ID: 626 390 4190


X = in attendance

XPaul Coogan ©XEmily ColwellXScott Kessler (AABA)
XAllan Harjala (VC)XTaylor EverichXEmily Kaman
XBrian Schrader (S)XGreg StoneXJim Baross
XFrances Prichett (T)XNancy Lawler Dan Soderberg
  • Agenda Setting: no modifications
  • Approval of previous meeting minutes: vote = unanimous
  • Treasurer’s Report: Current balance is $1,332

Non-Agenda Public Comment

  • Opinion expressed regarding property lines. City only has records back to 1955 while county referrers all property line issues within city limits to city. Ben Mendoza took note.
  • Daniel Layman D9 Parks and Rec – interested in update on Ward Canyon.
  • Paul Coogan presented information about public right of way along Mountain View. Parking is not allowed in the public right of way, therefor driveways shorter than 13 feet cannot accommodate driveway parking legally.

Digital Communications

  • None to address 

Corridor Improvements 2

  • Daniel S. Nutter of Dokken Engineering presented on the City of San Diego’s Corridor Improv 2 project to replace water and sewer mains in the Normal Heights and City Heights communities.
  • Only a small portion of the work extends into Normal Heights at the south end.
  • Repaving is included in project
  • Starts Fall 2023

Formation of Nominating Committee

  • Volunteers for Nom Com: Taylor, Greg, and Jim
  • No vote required

Opposition to SB10

  • Proposed motion: The board shall write a letter to the planning commission opposing the adoption of SB10 into the Housing Code Update 2 in alignment with other mid-city planning groups.
  • KenTal and CPC has already written a letter
  • Motion to support the letter: Jim, Second: Dan
  • Discussion: Mike Magers, Paul Krueger, and others spoke in favor
  • Motion modified to include supporting the existing mid-city plan.
  • Vote: 8 yea; 3 nay; 1 abstain

Meeting Accessibility 

  • Motion to approve the draft letter to Toni Atkins & Chris Ward Re: Brown Act modernization to allow video conferencing.
  • Motion by Dan, Second by Jim
  • Vote: Unanimous

Vision Statement

  • Proposed Motion: The NHCPPG shall adopt a vision statement, subject to future changes by the board.
  • Language was edited during the meeting.
  • Motion by Jim, Second by ??
  • Vote: Unanimous


  • Ben Mendoza (D9) invited fire department (Chief and Community Outreach) for Q&A regarding brush fire suppression
    • SDG&E Easement update on gate repairs and access
    • 5098 Ellison Place – will be looking into city owned property and open space staff
    • Mountain View Drive SDG&E access point
    • Questions regarding updates to water supply and impact of Mars project
      • Fire code and changes since 1985 were discussed
      • New aerial platforms and water tenders
      • Training is done for new buildings
    • Camino Del Rio South – fire has sent a message to SDG&E regarding repairs to fence.
  • Chair report
    • Update on DEI efforts and Community Planners Committee 
  • Community Group updates when present
    • Adams Avenue Business Association – Scott Kessler
      • Street Fair update
    • NH Community Association and NH Urban Arts
      • Announcement on Community Services Fair
      • Arts Group update on Butterfly Mural
    • Adams “Community Recreation Advisory Group”
      • Last meeting had three in attendance – need more volunteers
      • Mach building will be demolished in October

Standing Committees

  • Joint Mid-City Communities Plan Update Committee
    • Vision statement was worked on

Advisory Committees

  • Caltrans Grant Submission
    • Volunteers enlisted for Community Garden
  • Traffic Issue Taskforce
  • Community Engagement Poll
    • Normal Heights for Smart Growth will assist in creation and distribution of a community engagement poll